ARTICLE 電通ジャパニメーションスタジオARTICLES、スタート! /Dentsu Japanimation Studio ARTICLES, STARTS NOW!)


電通ジャパニメーションスタジオ代表/ co-founderの武藤隆史と申します。この度、電通ジャパニメーションスタジオのサイトで「ARTICLES」という企画をスタートします。







My name is Takashi Muto, representative and co-founder of Dentsu Japanimation Studio. I am pleased to announce that we are launching a special page,” ARTICLES”, on the Dentsu Japanimation Studio website, where we will be posting feature articles.

Dentsu Japanimation Studio began its activities in October 2018 with the participation of the Dentsu Group’s specialists in many fields, for the purpose of solving corporate brand/marketing issues with anime-based solutions. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people who have supported us in our activities up to this point.

For clients in Japan, China, and the U.S., we have collaborated with more than 10 leading animation studios in Japan, and as of December 2020, we have created 15 original branded animations (30 seconds – 3 minutes in length), including some projects still in progress. In addition,

while conducting anime-related research and examining the result of each project, we have been searching for ways to make anime compatible with mass advertising and social media from a marketing perspective. Lately, we have also begun to provide “manga x social media” solutions.

We are grateful for the past media coverage of our efforts in Japan and overseas. However, in order to help anime-based marketing solutions go more mainstream, we would like to offer more information on ourselves more actively beginning in 2021, two years since our establishment in 2018. To this end, we are launching “ARTICLES” on the Dentsu Japanimation Studio website, where our members will present their ideas, thoughts, and other information regarding the “anime x marketing” subject (including matters around it).

We are launching this new feature on our website with the hope that it will help generate greater interest in “anime x marketing.” We would appreciate your continued support for Dentsu Japanimation Studio.

Thank you very much for reading this post.



大家好。我是电通Japanimation Studio代表/联合创始人武藤隆史。此次我荣幸地宣布,电通Japanimation Studio网站将启动题为“ARTICLES”的新项目。

电通Japanimation Studio创立于2018年10月,聚集了电通集团的各路领域专家。自创立以来,我们致力于运用动漫来解决企业与团体的品牌/市场营销课题。在多方大力支持下,我们的项目得以顺利展开,特此深表谢意。


2021年,组织将迎来创立两周年。我们将一如既往地竭尽微薄之力,使用日本及世界各国的动漫作为市场营销解决方案,也希望能够为推广这一营销手法做出贡献。至今为止,我们也有幸接受了国内外媒体对此项目的采访。今后,为进一步提供信息,此次在本网站启动了新项目“ARTICLES”。此项目发布的信息内容主要分布于“动漫×市场营销”领域(包括周边领域),届时,电通Japanimation Studio成员将更新各类相关信息。

我们希望通过启动“ARTICLES”项目,让更多的人关注到“动漫×市场营销”。愿大家对电通Japanimation Studio的工作继续给予协助和声援。感谢您浏览阅读。




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